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Christianity Made Simple - Rev. Grace Komolafe

''When I heard the message of the gospel, and was born again, I did not understand what it meant. I was crippled, weakened, and messed-up due to a lack of knowledge and a godly mentor. Thus I was contaminated with deadly religious poison and man made Christian traditions: the effect of which I, and many like me, have suffered for many years. I always wondered why I  am not growing in my Christian walk and why is it that I always live in defeat not really enjoying most of the things I know Christ has given me?

I later, in fact very later, found out that the reason was my lack of understanding of the facts behind the unseen changes God did in my heart the day I opened my heart to the Lord. The enemy took advantage of my ignorance until I began to search the Word of God with the help of a godly mentor. The purpose of this book, therefore,is to enable believers to understand their new life in Christ Jesus so that they can enjoy it to the fullest. 

It will also help in our attempt to explain the gospel clearly to those who are yet to come to Christ so they can have a strong foundation right from the beginning of their faith.'

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Christianity Made Simple by Rev Grace Komolafe



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