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Arena of Praise, Tyre Shop, Brewerville

Emmaus Bible Institute is the education ministry of Prayer Trust Liberia providing a skills and development programme to church leaders and community leaders in Liberia with the aim of equipping them with the personal growth and development of their ministry from the Biblical context and its living application within the learning society.

The Ministry has been providing training programmes for the leaders since 2010 to date.

 Diploma in Leadership and Church Ministry (two years)

Is an education programme that will make a major contribution to the spiritual growth of the participants  as well as to enhance their socio – economic engagement

A Foundation Certificate of Attendance

will be given to successful students at the end of Year 1.

They are required to pass all the modules including the integrated assignment before they can progress to the final year. 

They will have to achieve a 95% record of attendance.

Semester Dates

10.2018 - 12.2018

25.03.2019—end 05.2019

06.2019—end 08.2019


Curriculum Modules

Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Knowing God’s Voice 

Strategy for Spiritual Harvest 

Management by Objectives

Students are expected to cover 50% of each module and the College will deliver 50% teaching.

A Diploma Certificate

will be awarded to the students upon successful completion of Year 2. 

A Foundation certificate from Year 1 will be required

The successful outcome of this programme is set to equip students to be effective with the running of their ministry 

as well as to be fulfilled with their callings.

Students will be equipped to progress to 

second year of a degree course in Christian Ministry at Emmaus Bible Institute 

or to join a recognised University in Liberia.

Curriculum Modules 

Biblical Management Principles and Life Management 

Leaven Like evangelism 

Teaching Tactics 

Project and Research Preparation

Students are expected to cover 50% of each module and the College will deliver 50% teaching.

For an application form and full details contact the Administrator

Mr Trokon Dennis

Tel: 0775997152

Arena of Praise Church, Tyre Shop, Brewersville. Liberia