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Prayer is the mystery of God in us repeatedly doing what He did in Genesis Chapter 1, calling forth, creating and recreating life, things, and situations.

Setting things in order. Declaring everything good. that is, bringing God’s kingdom down on earth as it is in heaven.

Emmanuel, God with us, revealed in us – prayer is being in touch with God in us. Through unbroken relationship with Him. Stepping aside for Him to flow out bringing deliverance, salvation, provision, protection, mercy, care, and love to His people and judgement upon His enemy, prayer is God in us.

Prayer is the means God uses to rule the earth. Judge the wicked, exult His will & Kingdom.

Prayer works like a two edged sword – to pull down, root out, and destroy and then build & plant. 

We pray the answer that negates and dissolves the problems.

Prayer is speaking God’s will like God Jeremiah 51:20-28. 

God did not deal with darkness by addressing it, but He spoke the light from inside of Him – Light dispels the darkness. The earth remained without form, void and dark, until God’s voice called forth His light and order over the darkness and disorderliness.

The situation around us will remain until we start to speak and call forth TRUTH over fact. Prayer is not just asking – it is pronouncing judgement, decision, and to punish, bring a thought, intercede, intervene, and interpose Psalm 149 6-9 

So when God says Let there be. Gen 1:2 He was not asking, He was bringing judgement on darkness, pronouncing, deciding, interceding – God just said – Light be. It is a command.

Prayer is a word of warfare – when you are called to pray – you are called to bring judgement on the anti God situation around you.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be doneMatt.6:10.

Earth is the only place today where God's will is not done. How then can God's kingdom be brought down here? By the created will, in union with uncreated will, seeking the displacement of the rebellious will of the devil. For prayer is always threefold. It involves someone prayed to, someone prayed for and someone prayed against - a will that is opposed to God's, against that will, God will not act alone. He awaits our prayers.

We partner with God in bringing judgement upon His enemy and announcing His decision in a situation Psalm 149:1-9
Prayer is seeing through God’s eyes what it is and what it should be. Gen 2:2 described what moved God into action. He saw the devastation on the earth and was moved deeply enough to start to act.
Note the voice of God actuated the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit had been there before God spoke, preparing the earth, hovering (birthing) thorough us. The hovering of the Holy Spirit fertilises, the Word sows the seed and birth is performed when we pray the word in the Holy Spirit. It cannot fail but be birthed. The situation must change – because the Spirit and the Word are the agents of original creation of God.

The Holy spirit is always attracted to our pain and devastation, 

As in Genesis 1:3, He is always there waiting for the voice of God through His image on earth, to whom He has given dominion over every thing to speak forth God’s judgement and decision on such situation.

Man is given the right to recover what was lost in Eden. God will not do it without us. Gen 1:26-28, Ps 8:3-8, 1Cor 15:27, Eph 1 22-23. Ps 115:16

Who can pray effectively?

There is only one way: Abide in me. John 15:1. Those who abide in Christ and those who can see through God’s eye. An effective pra-yer is he who sees the void, the darkness and the emptiness in our world today as God sees them. Those who have caught the passion in God’s heart for His creation and are ready to speak with His authority to the darkness they see. Be it in their own life or that of others. God promised to honour their cry. John 16: 22-28 Those who have learnt to live by grace and not by law.

All our self-effort and determination, though valuable, will not allow us to achieve the goal of effective praying. It is God who works in us to will and to do according to His good purpose Phil 2: 13.

Prayer has nothing to do with one’s feelings. It is God who is calling our body for His service. All we need to do is to present it willingly. If we depend on our feelings we will never pray. So come to Him in times of prayer and throw yourself at His feet asking for grace to pray.

Those who have so much light in them that their heart beat and breath that comes from their mouth brings light. God has so much light in Him that He only has to let a bit of it out by saying “Light be” and the whole of the universe comes into shape and is lightened up John 1:3, 5:35

You are the Light of the world. The light in us is given to transform and reshape ruined lives and situations as we pray about them. Therefore, the effectiveness of our prayer does not depend on us, but on who we are. Our stand before God and our walk before men. This is what transforms the world.

God will never ask us to do what He is not doing in us. As we generally recognise and repent of our sins, He cleanses us. We must continue thereafter to look unto Him to make us willing and able, – this is a matter of earnest prayer. We must constantly pray: “Lord teach me to pray”.

Things that weaken the strength of our prayer

1  Our Lips – are the main instruments that convey our prayers to God. It is the sampler of the heart contents. If our heart is full of God it will our speaking forth in prayer will produce powerful results. Our heart has many inlets but one outlet.

Criticism, slander, backbiting and gossip issue out of a demonic world system. This can easily happen even during prayer sessions or at home, or on the phone. Avoid heart pollution, Prov 4: 23-27 Guard the gate of your heart, watch over it diligently. Your heart is affected by sight, touch, smell, hearing, tasting. Watch!

3 Your home where the physical altar is – there must be reverence of God in there– What object do you have in your home books, pictures, etc. that is abominable to our God? However expensive that is, does not worth God’s holy presence in your home Acts 19:19

What kind of movie or pictures you watch? What you do in your privacy when only our Father and no one else is watching?.Or what you allow others to do in the place where He has promise to put His presence? All these affect your prayer life.

Financial unrighteousness - stealing from the ministry, boss, working under a cloak of lies. Not faithful in tithing, or in giving to God’s work when He asks for it.

6 Frivolity in word, and life. Making promises we don’t plan to keep. Either to God or man Eccle. 5:4 Making an appointment and never turning up.

Unforgiveness-The opposite of love is indifference. The reason we are commanded to pray for our enemies. In other word, don’t ignore your enemy, pray for them. You will see your prayer life empowered.

As you do your own part by setting time aside every day to pray and seek Him, He will come and heal you of this grave spiritual sickness. You will receive the joy of seeing darkness flee because you pray.

How do we pray effectively?

We can all pray effectively. Don’t allow condemnation in your heart if you are not yet. Start where you are. However none of us can make spiritual progress without acknowledging our sins and repenting of them. If we are to deal with the lack of prayer we must be very honest.

- Prayerlessness is sin. It is also a spiritual sickness. It can lead to death – the Bible says sin gives birth to death.

- The presence of God is the greatest privilege of God’s people, and their only power against the enemy. The more effectively prayer is offered to God the further we push the enemy and his work back. If we fail to pray, he abounds.

- Therefore if we are not in His presence destroying His enemy’s work effectively, then we are committing a grievous sin that can lead to the death of both others and ourselves. 

How do we deal with this sin – we must allow ourselves to come face to face with it. Call it sin and think of how it grieves God. Allow godly sorrow that leads to repentance grip your heart. Confess this sin. However this is not enough. It must be cast out by man and cleansed away by God. We need Jesus for salvation from all our sins including this too. Pray earnestly for forgiveness and deliverance from the sin of prayerlessness. The greatest prayer is to pray to pray.

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