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A woman's place is in the war. Gen.3:

Adam held his wife responsible for his sin. It was his decision to eat the fruit, yet the woman was pushed forward to answer for both.

It is still happening today. Because of her nature, she is loyal and committed to those she loves; she is ready to accept responsibility their misconduct. She blames herself for her husband's infidelity, her children's waywardness, untidy home, late dinner, financial strain, family split, runaway child, drugs, violence, immoral child, even when there is death in the family, she secretly blames herself. Her husband also blames her for his own faults many times. It all started in the Garden with Adam the first man in a woman's life.

You would have expected Adam to say 'the serpent deceived me and my wife.' Adam didn’t say 'the serpent' he said, 'the woman'. But note the woman's response, she said it as it is. She did not overlook the person behind her action. She knew it was not just her. The blame did not stop with her.

This is where many women miss it today and end up in a mental home. They stop at the site of the problem thinking of what they have done or have not done to cause it.

Note God's response - a Curse is pronounced on the serpent. Then God said in Vs 15, 'I will put enmity between you and the woman.' That is a declaration of war! Since this declaration, a woman's position is in the war.

So we need to understand that spiritual warfare is the answer to every problem we face. And women seem always to be at the forefront of this warfare. 

They are more sensitive to the spiritual realm than men --including the area of occult activity. Women become competent spiritual warriors -especially for those they love.

Women face unique difficulties that need to be addressed in the context of spiritual warfare. ---

Single parenting, or singleness, strained relationships, sudden changes that takes place in relationships, with spouse, children, work place, church.

We tend to see all these as spiritual attacks when our men would like to assess it from a logistic point of view. But we want to pray.

What stops some of us from praying through?

Lesson from Deborah. Judges 4:8 -10

Like Deborah, the Lord always speaks to the woman in the house about how to overcome the Sisera.

She passed the word to Barak. He may not have received any word or conviction the strategy.

Baraks knows the facts, but Deborah knows the truth. Fact and truth are not always the same.

She did not make Barak look stupid or unspiritual or feel intimidated.

Her position in the community and relationship with God is not a threat to Barak.

Barak knows this woman heard from God. She was a tested and proven prophet of God.

Deborah was willing to take the nation's future on what she heard from God.

She acted on God's truth and not the facts she and Barrak know.

Barak will go but only if Deborah will go with him. --- Don't wait for your husband to initiate the spiritual warfare/strategy. Do tell him what you believe God is saying to you as a family. Start doing something about it. E.g. if you think God wants all of you to spend the month in fasting and prayer, tell him and the children. Then make it easy for them, don't insist they have to fast the whole day 6am -6pm if they can't. Don't make them feel guilty if they don't want to fast. You can continue your fasting alone while they eat, if your husband approves. But if during the time he needs you, break your fast and attend to him. God will not condemn either you or him because of this. 1 COR 7: 4, 5.

Deborah assumes a role of military commander and accompanies Barak in leading the troop to battle. Be the one that will teach your children in spiritual warfare by example. Don't wait for your husband to initiate a spiritual altar or maintain it.

Deborah's position was necessary but unpleasant. -- Because you see what the rest of the family does not see, you will probably pay the highest price and lead the battle. E.g. wake up earlier than the rest to make sure you look after those minor things that may stop you and your husband from praying with the children before he leaves home.

She never compromised with the enemy.

She gave praise and glory to God for victory


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